Elgato announces Extend HomeKit Bluetooth range extender and Aqua plant watering device

Elgato is expanding its line of Eve HomeKit devices, announcing the Eve Extend and Eve Aqua at CES this week. As the name implies, Eve Extend expands Bluetooth coverage inside a user’s home, connecting through the local Wi-Fi network and acting as a bridge for accessories within its range. For those with houses that have several problem areas, multiple Eve Extends can be operated at the same time. Extend can even control connected devices outside the house, provided they’re within range.
The Eve Aqua is still in the development stage—and may not end up working with HomeKit—but the wireless irrigation controller is intended to keep plants watered when the user is away. The battery-operated device is about the size of “three packs of cigarettes” and includes a splashproof case to keep its components dry. Once the Eve Aqua is attached to a faucet or hose, it can be controlled from an iOS device, and instructed to turn the water on and off.

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