Engineered Audio explains shipping delay for RemoteRemote

Engineered Audio, developers of the RemoteRemote wireless remote controller for iPod have sent iLounge an open letter explaining its delay in shipping. The demand for a shipping product has been intense since its announcement. Please click ‘Read more’ for the open letter.
Open Letter from Engineered Audio:

So, it looks like the summer is almost over and still no RemoteRemote. Well, we’d like to apologize for the slip in the shipping schedule, and would like to ask (perhaps beg) for forgiveness in not shipping this unique item.  When we (pre)announced this product 2 months ago, we felt confident that by now the RemoteRemote would ship.  Unfortunately, that is just not the case.

For a number of reasons (some by our own making, some forced upon us), we have not been able to ship yet.  We are hopeful that we can get these out the door very soon.  However, we would like to ask for a little understanding and patience, for what will be a cool (and rabidly popular) product.

And to our (potential) international customers, you have not been forgotten.  We should be able to take orders from outside the US shortly.

Best Regards,
The Crew at Engineered Audio

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