Engineered Audio RemoteRemote is fixed, updated units shipping next week

Engineered Audio has emailed another update reporting that they have fixed the RemoteRemote to work with iPods using firmware 2.1, and the shipping of units will begin next week.
11/07/2003 Update … We have fixed, and tested, the RemoteRemote receiver. We will resume customer shipping next week (note that we have a large backlog, and it will take time to fulfill all of the current orders). Those that have RemoteRemote’s that are currently working (with an older software version of the iPod), we would ask that you wait a week or two in returning the unit for an update.

For customers that have inoperative units, we will do one of two things:

One, offer a refund to any customer that wants to return the RemoteRemote. If you do wish to return the unit for a refund, please contact “[email protected]” for an RMA number before returning it.

Or, Two, you may send in your receiver (… only the receiver needs to be sent …) in a padded envelope and we will update it, test it, and return it back to you.

When sending in your unit, it is not necessary to email E.A. in advance, however, we ask that you include your name and return shipping address inside the package.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to apologize for this problem, and acknowledge with gratitude the patience everyone has shown.