Josh Pressnell has released a major update to eNotify, his advanced e-mail notification app for iOS devices. Designed to provide a wide array of customizable notifications for incoming e-mail, eNotify runs in the background on iOS devices rather than relying on Push Notifications from an external server, directly monitoring e-mail accounts for new messages and providing fully customizable notifications. Users can configure rules based on account, priority, sender, subject line or recipient, scan multiple accounts and configure a Do Not Disturb schedule to silence alerts during specific times.

Version 3.0 provides a completely redesigned user interface that simplifies the setup process along with more advanced customization options for alerts, including the ability to create profiles for common alert configurations and easily switch between them. The new version allows the user to create high priority alerts that override the iPhone silent switch and combine criteria to create alerts with multiple triggers such alerts for messages with a specific subject received only from a given sender. Schedules can also now be set for additional alerts separately from the global Do Not Disturb setting. An alert history has been added to quickly see previous alerts along with an in-app marketplace for downloading additional alert tones. Users can also now re-order alert priority manually using drag-and-drop gestures, select specific folders to use as IMAP push triggers and make outbound VoIP calls directly from with the app. The update also improves battery life under certain configurations. eNotify is a universal app requiring iOS 4.0 or later and is available from the App Store for $5.


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