Etymotic debuts Bluetooth, iPhone headsets


Etymotic Research has introduced a pair of new headsets: the hf2 headset for the iPhone, and the etyBLU Dual Mode Bluetooth Headset. The hf2 (which stands for “high fidelity hands free”) combines the sound quality of the company’s ER-4P earphones with an in-line microphone and iPhone call/music control button. “The hf2 headset lets users talk and listen – to conversations as well as music – with greater accuracy, detail and noise isolation than previously possible with any iPhone headset,” said Mead Killion, Ph.D., founder and president of Etymotic Research. “In addition to the uncolored high-fidelity stereo sound Etymotic is known for, the hf2 headset lets users talk on their mobile phone with unprecedented ease. Earphone fidelity and noise isolation dramatically improve intelligibility while listening and speaking, especially in noisy locations. The cable to the microphone is shorter than usual, which places the microphone naturally closer to the mouth, making it truly hands free in many cases.” The Etymotic hf2 iPhone headset is available now and sells for $180.

Etymotic debuts Bluetooth, iPhone headsets

The etyBLU Dual Mode Bluetooth Headset uses a combination of a noise-canceling boom microphone, called BLUmaxx, and noise-isolating earphone to provide what the company describes as the industry’s “highest level of noise isolation in the ear, and the highest noise-cancellation from the microphone for both speaker and listener.” The BLUmaxx boom mic can be disconnected for more discrete operation, and disconnection of the mic does not disconnect any ongoing calls. “Everyone is familiar with all-too-common cellphone users who broadcast their credit card number or the details of their love-life to everyone around them,” said Killion. “That’s because most headset microphones do not pick up sound near the mouth, so it is difficult for the caller to be heard, especially in noisy locations such as a restaurant or airport. The etyBLU with boom mic allows you to carry on a conversation next to a Harley motorcycle revving up at 100 dB SPL, and – more importantly – lets you carry on a conversation so quietly that those around you may not even notice you are talking.” The Etymotic etyBLU Dual Mode Bluetooth Headset is compatible Core Specification 2.1, Headset 1.1 and Handsfree 1.5 profiles, offers up to seven hours of talk time, up to 100 hours of standby time, and is available now for $130. [Pics via SlashGear]

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