Etymotic teams with ACS for custom-fit hf2 headset

Etymotic has announced (PDF Link) the launch of its hf2 Custom-Fit program in the U.K. This new program, developed in collaboration with Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS), adds a special voucher inside hf2 Custom-Fit boxes which allows the customer to visit any of ACS’ 300 approved ear impression outlets for a 15-minute custom fitting. After a “few short weeks,” the customer will receive a pair of custom-made silicone earpieces, designed to maintain Etymotic’s sound signature while providing a more comfortable fit and greater sound isolation. Etymotic’s hf2 Custom-Fit Headset will be available in the U.K. starting April 28; for more information on the Etymotic hf2 Noise-Isolating Headset, see our review. [via Engadget]

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