Eve Systems announces new HomeKit Light Strip and Power Strip alongside EU Light Switch


Eve Systems announces new HomeKit Light Strip and Power Strip alongside EU Light Switch

Eve Systems is continuing to expand its lineup of HomeKit accessories with the announcement of Eve Light Strip, Eve Power Strip, and a European version of its Eve Light Switch. Eve Light Strip ($80) continues the company’s trend into lifestyle lighting accessories from the release of Eve Flare earlier this year, providing ambient color lighting with a triple-diode design across a two-metre light strip that provides 1800 lumens of brightness in full-spectrum white and color. Eve Power Strip is a HomeKit-enabled three-socket power bar that provides independent control of up to three devices from a single outlet, with what is becoming Eve’s signature black-and-silver aluminum design that we’ve been seeing in the company’s recent sensors. Eve Power Strip also of course provides surge protection and smart monitoring of power consumption through Eve’s iOS app, much like the company’s earlier Eve Energy smart plug. Notably, Eve Light Strip and Eve Power Strip are the company’s first two HomeKit products to use Wi-Fi technology instead of Bluetooth LE, although they will pair directly with a 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n router and do not require a bridge, which the company promises should deliver lower latency.

The company has also released a European version (€99.95) of its Eve Light Switch, which will allow users in the EU to toggle traditional light fixtures using HomeKit features such as Siri or set schedules with the Eve app. Eve Light Switch EU is designed to replace common European switches of virtually any type, and features a more classic white design that’s also compatible with third-party switch rockers and frames to match existing decor. Specific availability for all three products and pricing for Eve Power Strip has not yet been announced.

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