Eve Systems releases second-generation Eve Room HomeKit environment sensor

Eve Systems (formerly Elgato), has released its new version of Eve Room, the second-generation of its HomeKit-compatible room monitoring sensor. Announced earlier this year, the new Eve Room includes all of the air quality monitoring features of the original 2015 Eve Room, while adding the sleek new anodized aluminum design that was introduced with last year’s Eve Degree. Specifically, the new version features an e-ink display allowing users to see temperature, humidity, and air quality information without having to consult their iPhone — four different screen layouts are available with capacitive touch controls — and also now features a built-in USB-rechargeable battery, eliminating the reliance on AA batteries from the earlier model; the internal battery promises six weeks of power between charges, after which Eve Room will go into a lower-power mode, measuring only temperature and humidity until the next full charge. The new second-generation Eve Room will be available on Sept. 12 for $99.95. Be sure to check back in the next few days for our in-depth review of the new Eve Room.

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