eWallet adds iCloud support

Ilium Software has added iCloud support in an update to its eWallet secure information management application. eWallet allows users to securely store information such as passwords, account info and credit card numbers on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with strong 256-bit AES encryption and integration for launching web URLs from directly within the app.

The application provides a rich graphical user interface with the ability to layout information as virtual cards with pre-defined or custom backgrounds and photos and organization into categories and subcategories. With eWallet 7.3 users can now automatically keep their data in sync between multiple iOS devices using iCloud, making it much easier to use the universal app between an iPad and iPhone without needing to sync via a desktop application.

iCloud sync is presently available only in the iOS version; synchronization with the Windows or Mac version of eWallet still requires a local Wi-Fi connection. eWallet 7.3 is available from the App Store for $10.