Facebook update adds iPad support


Facebook has released an update to its iOS application adding the anticipated native iPad support. Originally reported by the New York Times in June to be appearing in the “coming weeks,” the app was inexplicably delayed, prompting a prominent developer to leave Facebook in frustration and report that it had in fact been “feature complete” as far back as May. Many later expected the rumoured iPad update to be released at Facebook’s f8 developer conference in September, however the event came and went with no mention of iOS at all.

Today’s update to Facebook 4.0 finally adds native iPad support to the existing Facebook application providing an iPad optimized user interface with higher resolution photos, improved navigation and access to Facebook apps and games. Users can also zoom in on photos, updates and stories and share photos and status updates without leaving the news feed. The update adds several new features to the iPhone and iPod touch version as well, including improved searching and browsing, similar games and app support, bookmarks and improved navigation. Facebook 4.0 is available from the App Store as a free download.

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