Familiar games, developers appear in iPhone App Store

The first collection of iPhone Games appeared in the App Store today, and for now, both the games and major developers will be extremely familiar to past iTunes Store customers. In addition to Apple, which has re-released its Texas Hold’em game for the third time at $5, the following titles have reappeared in updated form:

Gameloft has re-released Bubble Bash ($8), upping the resolution of the ball-shooting game for iPods and increasing the price from its original $5.

Hudson Soft has released Bomberman Touch ($8), a version of the previously released iPod Bomberman redesigned with new content for the iPhone touchscreen interface.

Namco has released Ms. Pac-Man ($10), doubling the prior iPod Game price of its classic arcade dots-and-ghosts maze game while adding a touchscreen joypad.

PopCap Games has released Bejeweled 2 ($10), updating the graphics and adding touchscreen controls while doubling the price of the original Bejeweled iPod game. Widescreen and tall orientations are now supported. Notably, a web version of Bejeweled was released for PopCap for free.

New games from previously known Apple developers such as Sega (Super Monkey Ball for $10, and Columns Deluxe for $5), Freeverse (Moto Racer, $10), Pangea Software (Cro-Mag Rally and Enigmo, $10 each), and Ambrosia (Aki Mahjong, $10) are joined by numerous releases from little-known developers and a few surprise entrants. RealNetworks is surprisingly offering South Park Imaginationland ($10), a platform game based on the popular TV show, while a company called Jirbo has flooded the store with simple and free Flash-like applications. A company called Freeze Tag has released a color version of Etch A Sketch ($5), based on the classic toy, and XBOX Live developer ZEN Studios has released ZEN Pinball: Rollercoaster ($5), an attractive pinball game. Scores of free titles, mostly simple or demo-quality releases, are also in the Store.

All of these games are available now through the iTunes Store’s Applications section, and shortly through the iPhone’s App Store interface.

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