Fastmac unveils Universal Headphone Adapter for iPhone

Fastmac has introduced its line of Universal Headphone Adapters for Apple iPhone that allow any headphones or earphones with a standard 3.5mm plug to work with the recessed headphone jack of the iPhone. The Fastmac Universal Headphone Adapter is available in 3 models, starting with a basic in-line audio adapter with flexible cable & gold plated connector port priced at $5. The mid-level model, priced at $10, also features the in-line audio adapter with flexible cable & gold plated connector port, but adds a shirt clip, built-in microphone and a music playback/ phone control button that allows users to answer and end phone calls and pause, play, and skip music. Fastmac’s 3-in-1 Premium Headphone Adapter, priced at $20, incorporates all of the features of the mid-level model along with an adjustable volume slider and noise suppression microphone. “Replacing lost or damaged headphones can be expensive,” said Michael Lowdermilk, Business Development Manager of Fastmac Performance Upgrades.. “With our new 3-in-1 universal headphone adapter, you can re-use old iPod headsets that are probably laying about in a drawer unused ever since the iPhone came out & obviated the need to carry around another device!” All three adapters carry a 1-year warranty and are available now from Fastmac’s website.

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