FileMaker releases FileMaker Go 12 for iOS


FileMaker has released a major update to its FileMaker 12 database software lineup, including new, free versions of its FileMaker Go iOS companion apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The prior version of the FileMaker Go iOS apps previously sold for $20 for the iPhone version and $40 for the iPad version; the new FileMaker Go 12 apps are now available for both devices as free downloads from the App Store.

FileMaker Pro 12 for OS X provides a new set of themes and Starter Solutions combined with powerful design tools geared toward creating databases designed explicitly to work on the iOS platform. The new Starter Solutions include read-to-use screens and touch controls optimized for the iPad and iPhone that make use of iOS specific design elements. New design tools allow users to take an existing theme and customize every detail to create their own, unique design.

The FileMaker Go 12 iOS apps are designed to be used as companions to the desktop and server versions of FileMaker, allowing users to access databases from their mobile device while on the go. Users can connect live to FileMaker Server 12 or FileMaker Pro 12 via a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection to make updates in real-time or copy databases into FileMaker Go via iTunes File Sharing or open them from an e-mail for offline use. Sync is not natively supported but advanced FileMaker developers can create custom solutions for synchronizing and reconciling changes. The new FileMaker Go apps introduce iOS multitasking support and direct media integration for audio and video recording and playback along with enhanced container fields when used for streaming media content from fileMaker Server 12 without any storage limitations. The new version also adds support for several additional export formats including Microsoft Excel, CSV and HTML. FileMaker Go 12 for iPad and FileMaker Go 12 for iPhone require iOS 4.3 or later and are both available from the App Store as free downloads. FileMaker Pro 12 is required to create or modify databases.


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