Fingerprint sensor, NFC in iPhone 5S?

A firm will supply Apple with fingerprint and near-field communication (NFC) components to be included in the iPhone 5S, according to a report. Chipbond Science and Technology will supply the chips for both features, as well as the phone’s integrated touch display driver.

Fingerprint sensor possibilities have been claimed a number of times for Apple’s next iPhone — speculation increased prior to the release of the iPhone 5, with the company’s acquisition of AuthenTec, and continued after the iPhone 5’s release with Apple’s reported deal with Microlatch for use of fingerprint recognition technology, strongly suggesting that enhanced biometric security is a priority for Apple. However, numerous claims of imminent Apple NFC adoption have proved inaccurate in the past; it is possible that Apple is waiting to combine both features together for a proper digital wallet solution before adopting either one of them.

[via China Times (translated link)]