Firmware hack brings new interface to iPod 5G

A new firmware hack aims to bring the new split-screen interface of the iPod classic and iPod nano (with video) to the fifth-generation iPod. The hack, which works on both 5 and 5.5G iPods, is unsupported by Apple, and several Digg users claim that the hack “bricked” their iPods. Installation of the firmware requires iPodWizard 1.3.7, a Windows-only iPod utility. While the hack aims to add iPod classic-like functionality to older iPods, it has been speculated that differences in internal components between the models may prohibit older iPods from running new features such as Cover Flow. [via]

  1. Strange thing is going on …
    My friend complains that after he installed the hack, there were 3 additional songs charged on his ITunes account when he downloaded 1 song under ITunes,…. could it be that there is a security issue?

  2. Now if they could just get rid of the split screen and cover flow on my iPod Classic. I really don’t think the new interface was a step forward. Not to mention how slow and sluggish it seems to be.

  3. Waouwww… It’s my dream come true. I was wishing for this since the new ipods were announced. I was hoping Apple would release an update themselves though.

  4. If you brick your 5g iPod, toss it in the nearest body of water.

    If iPods cost $50, I’d be all over the idea of hacking into them with the possibility of bricking. However, I’m not so keen on trying to jailbreak my Touch or do this to my 5G.

    I also agree with the comment on wanting the ‘classic’ GUI on the Classic iPod. The new GUI isn’t any step forward, and cover flow SUCKS on the Classic (esp. compared to the Touch).

  5. Hm, i dont know about you guys but my cover flow works just fine. I have a 80GB one though, so i dont know which ones y’all have. And i have 4, 640 something songs, it works beautifully, i love it.

  6. I for one would pay relatively good money to have the 5.5 interface on the Classic. Quite seriously, it would be worth at least £50 ($100) to me.

  7. what a waste.
    the new ipod’s interface is hardly anything to write home about, especially compared to the iphone/touch.
    just leave it as is. this hack seems utterly pointless.

  8. I installed it on my ipod 2 times, successfully. BUT, both times I thought it was bricked because the screen image would not change. I’m starting to think that it suppose to be like that. It was stuck on the apple/usb logo and then I just had to wait 10-15 mins and reset it, and it worked! So dont get scared when you get stuck on a logo.

  9. If you brick your ipod, dont be such a noob. its almost impossible to brick an ipod unless youre a total moron. in events that i thought i had bricked one, ive connected it to a mac, synced it to the mac, making it a macpod, and bam. it works on my winpc again, just had to make it a winpod again.
    some of those events that i had thought i bricked mine was one specific time installing ipod linux.

  10. also, even if you think you “brick” your ipod, why would you throw it into a body of water? its worth a ton on ebay. i sold a mini for parts a few years ago for 80$ and i sold a nano last year for $50. I was 100% honest about what was wrong with them too.

    also, i agree. cover flow looks retarded. i want a classic, but i want my 5.5g interface. screw that cover flow and split screen crap.

  11. i did this to my 5g ipod. It works great, no probs watsoever…
    HOWEVER i dont like the fact there is no cover flow, no search function (unless it on the 5.5g). That really all thats bad about it. Its fast and easy. Thats it!

  12. Ummmmmmmmm………. Seems pretty pointless to me, not to mention risky. The interface on the 5g is fine as it is. Coverflow would be great, but that’s one of the reasons I got a Touch.

  13. question about this – the *only* functionality i really would like is the new software’s ability to set the ipod to shuffle within the song itself – i.e. without having to back all the way out and then drill all the way in again etc etc – i’ve seen that on the new ones if you just hit the center button while your playing something you get the location screen, then the rating screen BUT THEN a ‘shuffle’ screen… i WANT this. i’d use it all the bloody time.
    anyone out there still using this hack without problems these last few months? and does it have this feature? i could care less about cover flow…

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