First Alert expands Onelink family with HomeKit-enabled Wi-Fi safe, environment monitor + thermostat

First Alert has announced several new HomeKit-enabled products at CES 2016, including a new Wi-Fi safe, environment monitor, and thermostat. The three new products expand the company’s OneLink lineup that first introduced HomeKit integration with its Onelink alarm Smoke and CO detector.

The Onelink by First Alert Wi-Fi Safe secures valuables and provides Wi-Fi connectivity with the Onelink Home App. Users can connect remotely via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 LE with their iOS devices, and can lock and unlock the safe using a passcode or Touch ID with either the company’s own app or Siri HomeKit commands. Users can also configure the app to send them status alerts and notifications, such as when the safe has been opened or tempered with, and access can be selectively granted to friends and family members. The battery-operated safe also includes a built-in accelerometer to detect attempts to move or open the safe while it’s locked, and LEDs on the front prove a status indicator to show that the safe has been successfully locked.

The Onelink by First Alert Wi-Fi Environment Monitor allows users to monitor both high and low levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in a room, as well as temperature and humidity, and notify users of changes via the iOS app. A multi-colored LED ring on the device also lets users see at a glance the status of the room’s environment, changing color to show shifts in temperature or other air conditions.

The Onelink by First Alert Wi-Fi Thermostat is another new entry in the lineup of HomeKit-compatible thermostats which allows users to control heating and cooling from an iOS device via the Onelink Home App or HomeKit. A full-color touchscreen interface allows user to set the temperature, turn heating or air condition on or off, trigger pre-set home/away settings, and adjust schedules. All of the new Onelink products are expected to be available later this year; pricing has not yet been announced.

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