First-party Apple apps updated en masse for iOS 8

Simultaneously with the release of iOS 8 earlier today, Apple has updated a large collection of first-party apps to include compatibility with the latest release of iOS. Updates include AirPort Utility 1.3.4, Beats Music 2.3, Find My Friends 4.0, Find My iPhone 4.0, iTunes Movie Trailers 1.4.1, iTunes U 2.1, and Remote 4.2.1, most of which have received minor compatibility tweaks for iOS 8. Find My Friends and Find My iPhone now both add support for Family Sharing, so you can easily add both family members and their devices to the location-based search applications.

Apple notably integrated formerly separate iOS apps iBooks 4.0 and Podcasts 2.2 directly into every copy of iOS 8, and is also pre-installing the latest versions of iLife and iWork applications on higher-capacity iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. The updated iLife and iWork applications are expected to hit the App Store any time now for existing users.

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