Flight Control Rocket adds more ships, bots

Electronic Arts has updated Flight Control Rocket with new levels, a new game mode and four new power-ups. An evolution of the popular hit Flight Control game, Flight Control Rocket takes players into outer space where they must direct and dock space craft by tracing paths on the touchscreen. The new update adds ten new motherships for expanded game play that can be used in all game modes and adds a new “Rescue” mode where players are challenged to guide similarly-coloured ships to save floating astronauts. Four new “Bot” power ups have also been added: Swift Swarm, Resurrection, Dopper and Personal Trainer to help players achieve higher scores. The update also limits continues to 3 per game, offers additional game modes unlocked by landing ships and includes a number of other small fixes and performance improvements. Flight Control Rocket is a universal app and is available from the App Store for $1.

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