Focal unveils new 100 Series outdoor loudspeakers

High-fidelity speaker maker Focal has just launched two new outdoor loudspeakers to round out its 100 Series Integration Collection. Designed to withstand the rigours of being installed outdoors, the 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 are the first Focal products to be IP66-certified, featuring high levels of both dust and water resistance so that they can stand up to all weather conditions, and also sport a high-density, UV-treated Polypropylene damping cabinet for protection against outdoor sunlight. Each speaker is also equipped with a reinforced, notched aluminum bracket for secure yet easy installation in just about any outdoor space, and features a 180-degree rotation angle for optimal sound diffusion, and are available in either a black finish or a white finish that can be easily painted to match your decor.

The Focal 100 OD6 ($199) features a 6.5-inch bass-midrange driver alongside an aluminum inverted dome tweeter with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, providing up to 120 watts of output. The 100 OD8 ($249) increases the woofer size to eight inches, providing a lower frequency response and a maximum recommended power output of 150 watts, but otherwise featuring the same specs as the OD6. Both speakers can be purchased from any dealer where Focal’s 100 Series products are sold.

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