Forbes: ‘Apple bites the fans that feed it’

Forbes senior editor Lisa DiCarlo and Boston attorney Bruce Sunstein have spoken out on Apple’s recent lawsuit against Mac rumor site Think Secret, which has recently posted reports on upcoming Apple products such as a low-cost iMac, a productivity suite, and a flash-based iPod. “It is widely acknowledged that Apple enjoys the kind of slavish devotion among its customers—and fawning adoration from the press—of which other companies don’t even dare to dream,” writes DiCarlo. “That is, it’s acknowledged by everyone but Apple. How else to explain Apple’s latest attempt to clamp down on, rather than embrace, its fanatical fans?” Sunstein, who specializes in intellectual property law, said the case will only result in damage to Apple’s reputation. “A fair amount of buzz doesn’t hurt Apple’s business,” he said. “And, to the extent that Apple sues its customer base; it has to think twice about biting the hand that feeds it.”

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