Former Apple manager: Apple has ‘passed peak’

Former Apple engineering manager Dan Crow believes the company’s best days are behind it, he opines in a column for The Guardian.

As Crow writes, “…I think Apple has peaked and the story of the next few years will be one of slow but real decline.” Crow cites “a number of signs” showing that Apple is on a downhill slide, including the recent missteps with iOS 6 Maps and the executive reshuffle that jettisoned Scott Forstall and John Browett — with Browett’s decisions during his brief retail reign being an example of “Apple putting its corporate needs ahead of its customers.” He also refers to the fourth-generation iPad as an “insipid update.”

Crow says that after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has had issues with balancing hype and product.  He concludes that Apple has yet to find its way in the post-Jobs era and the company has “serious structural faults.”