Forums: 6G iPods, Your Home Setup, and iPhone Poll

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums:

Because we’re always excited about whatever Apple might be planning to release in the iPod family, we love the Future iPods forum—a place to speculate on upcoming iPod models. Perhaps not surprising given how long in the tooth the 5G iPod feels, the forum is filled with people on the verge of collapse. You can guess what people are excitedly saying in Going crazy waiting for the next iPod, and About a new Video iPod.

But in I don’t like the direction mainline iPods are headed, users worry about control schemes for touchscreen iPods. Which side are you on?

Elsewhere in the Forums: A thread running since 2004 lets you compare the computer setups of your fellow iLoungers. As one reader put it before showing a photo of his own spread, “Let’s see who’s got the cool setup and who is just plain out boring.” Take a look at Workspace Setup for the details.

Finally, from the iPhone forum, there’s a new reader poll in town. One iLounge reader asks, Will you buy the new iPhone? and of course, poses pricing hypotheticals to see if you’ll bite. Will you?