Forums: Families & iPods, In School, IceLink, iPod ‘switchers’

Some topics in this week’s look at the iLounge Discussion Forums include the iPod being embraced by all ages in a thread about parents, grandparents and iPods. Have you introduced your older family members to the iPod phenomenon?

Over in the iPods on Campus forum, readers are sharing their positive and negative experiences with iPods as educational tools. Come and add your experiences. Is the iPod being used in your school to help with your studies, or just something to fill in the time between classes?

The iPod-in-car installation skills of one forum member is highlighted in the thread “2003 Honda Accord with IceLink v. 1.1 installed!”. This installation took just over three hours with a little help from friends, showing that with a little time and knowledge a professional standard can be achieved at little extra cost.

If you’ve recently given in and joined the iPod club, you might enjoy reading how other forum members learned to love the iconic MP3 player and what triggered their purchases.

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