Forums Friday: 23rd iPod, Refurbished nanos, J&R Music World


Today’s check of the iLounge Discussion Forums uncovered lots of interesting discussions – here are a few that caught our attention:

In I Just Bought my 23rd iPod, one iLounge reader catalogs the 23 iPods he’s purchased, and amazingly, only three of them were shuffles. See the discussion that ensued, including some surprising revelations by other iLounge readers.

In addition to a discussion titled Why I Hate the Red Nano, in which one reader takes issue with the (RED) campaign’s financial performance and Apple’s involvement with that cause, another discussion (Anyone Bought the Refurb 8GB Red Nanos) considers reader experiences in buying used iPods from Apple – with positive results. Have you bought a refurbished iPod? Share your views here.

Finally, readers discuss J&R Music World, a New York City mail order retailer that has bucked the city’s par experience by offering both good customer service and fairly aggressive prices for many years. Have you shopped at J&R? Have a better recommendation for other iLoungers?

These posts – and literally over 1,000,000 more – are yours for the reading in the iLounge Forums. Take a peek today and see what you’ve been missing!

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