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Users have started to debate whether recent iPod models suffer from serious reliability problems, or whether complaints of iPod failures are too hard to swallow. Do you have an experience – positive or negative – worth sharing?

For more than a month, some forum members have been noticing apparent iTunes Store server problems – lags and timeouts when searching for content. One user says that the Store times out every time he tries to search for an artist or album that isn’t available. Have you noticed any hiccups? Add your thoughts to the thread.

If you’ve been looking to buy or sell a used iPod or accessory, you’ve probably hunted through our Classifieds section. But if you haven’t visited, now might be the time: readers are looking to buy everything from working but scratched 5G iPods to second-generation iPod shuffles. Want to trade colored cases? Take a look – you might just be able to turn your old iPod gear into cash for something new.

Finally, in a discussion that’s been ongoing since 2003, readers from around the world talk about how much they’ve paid for their iPods. In the past month or so, a handful of readers from Vietnam, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. have added their prices. How much did you pay for your iPod, and where

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