In this week’s dip into the iLounge Discussion Forums: now that Apple have added video playback to the newest member of the iPod family, you’ll want somewhere to discuss it. So why not pay a visit to the latest addition to the iLounge forums: the TV & Videos Forum. We’re certain that as more readers receive their 5G iPods there’ll be plenty of discussion here.

With the arrival of the new 5G iPod we have completely waved goodbye to the iPod “box” – the origami-like experience of unfolding the “box” is something that new iPod users will miss. Some readers are discussing its passing in “R.I.P. iPod Box….” Will you miss its cubic charm?

Many readers will still feel that the iPod is first and foremost a music player, and will perhaps have no interest in the video playback ability of the 5G. If you are one of these users, then visit the Music Recommendation forum for some new sounds, as suggested by other iLounge readers.

First it was there, then it was gone. But now it is back again – the Eminem Ad has returned. Some readers discuss the merits of choosing Eminem to star in the 5G ad campaign. How do you feel? Should Apple have retained the anonymous dancing silhouettes or is it time to move on?


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