Forums: Wet nano, Stuck iPod, Love Apple, Thanks Audrey

This week in the iLounge Discussion Forums: Do you own an iPod nano? Have questions or opinions to share with the iLounge community? The iPod nano forum is nearing its 40,000th post, with the clearly titled iPod nano Washed raising the prospect of how to absorb a washing machine’s liquidy addition to a nano. Some iLoungers suggest using uncooked rice—we’ll be watching to see whether this one gets resolved.

We’ve had this happen once in a while with our own iPods; now a forum member raises it for discussion. In “DO NOT DISCONNECT” message does not go away!, a reader with a 80GB iPod wonders why it’s happening. Have you had similar issues with your own iPod?

It’s a simple question to ask or answer for most people: What makes you love Apple? A design student writing her dissertation wants to know your thoughts; so add them to the thread. Not surprisingly, you’ll also see some people explain why they don’t love Apple.

Always helpful, forum moderator Audrey (honeybee1236) used to maintain FREE iTMS TV Shows Available, a list of free downloadable TV content available on the iTunes Store. Now, readers point out, Apple keeps a list on iTunes, so Audrey’s already moved on to newer and bigger things. You can monitor her recent helpful posts though this link. Thanks for all of your help, Audrey!

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