Forums: Your ‘lounge,’ iTMS poll, earphones, picky shuffles

In our first look into the iLounge Discussion Forums we highlighted the “Show Us What You Look Like” thread; today in a similar vein we have members sharing glimpses of their iPod and iTunes computer setups. If you want to add your photos, make sure you tidy up first! And consider sending shots to our iPods Around the World or other Photo Galleries, too.

If you are you starting to wonder how your iTunes Music Store spending compares to other members, join the thread and cast your vote in the Forum Polls section.

Apple’s stock earbuds aren’t cutting the mustard for some of our forum members. You’ll find plenty of iLoungers’ reader recommendations in our Ear/Headphones Forum, complete with useful tips to help improve your listening experience. And don’t forget to check out iLounge’s official Reviews of Headphones & In-Canal Earphones.

Has your iPod shuffle decided that it doesn’t want to play all of its the songs? Some of our members are sharing their experiences of life with a shuffle that’s not so random.

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