An iTunes user has found evidence of an iTunes-compatible digital file on a Fox DVD slated for release on Jan. 15, the day of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ upcoming keynote address. According to pictures from a Mac with the Family Guy (Blue Harvest) DVD loaded, the disc contains a “Fox Digital Copy” file that “requires iTunes version 7.6 or newer.” iTunes 7.5 is the current version, which suggests that Apple plans to announce iTunes 7.6 on or before January 15. The DVD package itself says to “Visit for more information,” but the site currently only contains information on PlaysForSure digital files, which Fox has been including on select DVD releases for some time; however, it does provide further support that a serial number will be required to access the digital file. In early December, it was reported that Apple and Fox were working on a movie deal, which would include both sales of the studio’s films on iTunes, as well as plans to offer iTunes-compatible digital copies of the films on DVD releases.

Charles Starrett

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