Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount have begun selling new release films on iTunes, joining Disney as the only major studios to offer new releases for purchase through the store. Fox began offering “Juno” for purchase on Tuesday, the same day the DVD and Blu-ray versions were released, while Paramount offered “Beowulf” for purchase not long after its DVD release on Feb. 26. Daily Variety reports that a Fox representative said it’s likely the studio will offer more new releases for sale in the future, with decisions being made on a title-to-title basis. Paramount is currently only “experimenting” with selling new release films on iTunes, according to a studio spokesperson. In the past, Paramount has offered certain older films for purchase through iTunes, but has only recently begun testing new release sales. Both studios are signed on to provide films for the iTunes movie rental service. [via MyAppleMenu]

Charles Starrett

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