G5 launches Spirit of Wandering, The Legend


G5 Entertainment has launched Spirit of Wandering – The Legend, a new hidden object adventure game for iOS devices. Originally developed for the PC by Playrix Entertainment, Spirit of Wandering is a fairytale-themed game about a female pirate captain who loses her crew and husband when her ship is attacked by the infamous ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman. The player must undertake the quest to search for the captain’s lost love and crew who are imprisoned in the spirit world, travelling across six picturesque locations and searching for and collecting both normal and magical items. Spirit of Wandering – The Legend includes 24 challenging locations across six different settings with over 450 hidden objects and 90 cherished items to discover. The game is available in two separate versions, Spirit of Wandering – The Legend (free trial, $3 in-app purchase to unlock full version) for the iPhone and iPod touch and Spirit of Wandering – The Legend HD (free trial, $5 in-app purchase to unlock full version) for the iPad.

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