Gameloft releases Naval Battle, Chess & Backgammon iPod games


Gameloft S.A. has released two new games for the iPod nano (with video), iPod classic, and fifth-generation iPod. Naval Battle: Mission Commander is a Battleship-style strategy game in which the player positions his/her ships on a grid, and then hunts square-by-square for enemy ships on a similar grid. The game features five original game modes including standard rules and a campaign mode with 18 missions, eight modern high-tech ships with different map sizes and destructive surroundings, and a multiplayer mode. Chess & Backgammon Classics is a two-games-in-one package that includes both classic games. The interface allows users to play both games on either a 2-D or 3-D rendition of the gaming board, with further playing surface customization afforded by different themed skins. The games also feature full help and tutorial systems, as well as move coaching. Gameloft S.A.‘s Naval Battle: Mission Commander and Chess & Backgammon Classics are available now through the iTunes Store and sell for $5 a piece. For more information on Naval Battle or Chess & Backgammon, check out our First Looks articles.

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