Gameloft has released an iPad version of its popular Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard title released for the iPhone and iPod touch earlier this year. As with the iPhone version, Shadow Vanguard HD is an FPS game where the player leads a team of elite soldiers on a quest to stop an organization of global terrorists. Unlike traditional FPS games, the player must not only control their own character but provide tactical direction to the other team members in order to accomplish each mission. The game includes eleven missions with levels based on the original Rainbow Six game such as the Embassy Hostage Crisis and the infiltration of a rebel camp in Africa and a new Rainbow unit with three new members and unique abilities. Multiplayer support allows players to join with up to two friends as additional team members in cooperative play through the standard missions or go head-to-head against up to ten other players across five additional specific multiplayer maps. Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard HD is available from the App Store for $7.


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