Gameloft releases Starfront: Collision HD

Gameloft has released an iPad version of its popular real-time strategy game, Starfront: Collision (iLounge rating: B+). As with other Gameloft iPad titles, Starfront: Collision HD is a separate purchase from the iPhone and iPod touch version released in February, bringing the RTS game to the larger iPad screen. The new version provides the same gameplay elements as its iPhone and iPod touch counterpart, putting the player in the role of one of three races vying for control of rare Xenodium crystals on the planet Sinistral. The same twenty-mission campaign mode and skirmish modes are available with 24 different buildings and 30 unit types across the three races and a four-player online multiplayer mode via Gameloft’s own “Gameloft Live” service. Notably, the new version does not appear to offer any iPad-specific enhancements or user interface changes as compared to the earlier iPhone and iPod touch version. Starfront: Collision HD is available from the App Store for $7.

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