Gameprom releases The Pinball HD for iPad

Gameprom has released The Pinball HD, an iPad version of its popular set of Pinball games for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Pinball HD combines the tables from Gameprom’s three iPhone pinball games into a single iPad game featuring a higher-resolution display of the detailed 3D graphics, multiple camera angles and realistic physics that the iPhone versions are known for. Pinball tables in The Pinball HD include Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style, with each table providing unique detailed artwork and distinct gameplay features. Users can also reorient the iPad to view the table in either a full table view or follow the ball in a “flying camerea” view. The Pinball HD is available from the App Store for $3.

Gameprom releases The Pinball HD for iPad 2

Gameprom releases The Pinball HD for iPad 3

Gameprom releases The Pinball HD for iPad 4

2 thoughts on “Gameprom releases The Pinball HD for iPad”

  1. Lamest. Name. Ever. “The Pinball?”

    That out of the way, i had their Wild West pinball app and it wasn’t bad. Might have to pick it up next paycheck…even with the silly name.

  2. Impressive game! It’s really essentially the same layout with different sound & graphics.

    The only problem I have is the excessive “camera” movement. It’s m discombobulating and headache producing. It’s also easy to get lost or not see where a ball has gone. There really should be an option for a more stationery camera.

    The name is pretty weak.


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