Gary Bart, ex-XtremeMac CEO, leaves Imation for ‘new project’

Gary Bart, former CEO and founder of iPod and iPhone accessory developer XtremeMac, has resigned as his position as Executive Director of XtremeMac’s acquiring company Imation. “I am working on a new project and I will continue to be directly involved in the iPod/iPhone market,” Bart told iLounge in an email, adding, “When I have specifics to share, you will be among the first to know.” XtremeMac began the year by winning a Best of Show award for its Luna X2 alarm clock radio for iPod, only to see the product delayed numerous times, with the entire company eventually being sold to Imation at the end of June. Though XtremeMac was cited by iLounge for its increasingly impressive industrial designs, readers have expressed dismay that the acquired company’s announced 2008 products have never materialized.

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