GEAR4 has announced the PocketParty V2, an updated version of its micro speaker system for iPods. The PocketParty V2, which connects via the dock connector port instead of the headphone jack, puts out 1 watt of stereo sound from its two tiny speakers and plays for up to 10 hours using a single AA battery. It is available in black or white and sells for $39.

GEAR4 debuts PocketParty V2 micro speaker system

“The PocketParty is ideal to break the silence when lying in the park or on the back of a bus; sharing your music with friends has never been easier,” says the company. “The newest member of the PocketParty family offers improved sound appreciation on its predecessors after a painstaking amount of work went into getting the most from its two tiny speakers. The PocketParty is ultra-simple to use, you just plug it into your iPod, switch on and get rocking.

LC Angell

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