GEAR4 intros BluEye iPod/mobile phone accessory

GEAR4 has announced the BluEye, a new iPod accessory that combines a Bluetooth hands-free mobile connection, FM radio and remote control. “Enjoy your tunes, make and take calls, or listen to the radio all via this incredible Bluetooth remote control headphone system,” says GEAR4.

“The BluEye provides a seamless connection between your mobile phone and iPod. View phone numbers on your iPod display, the BluEye will pause your tunes, alert you to an incoming calls and then resume your music once your calls is finished.” The BluEye ($95), which appears to be similar to the BluPod shown last month, is available in black or white.

It works with “most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones” and is compatible with 4G and 5G iPods, the iPod mini and iPod nano.
[via Gizmodo]