Geekbench results appear alleging to be from 2018 iPhone A12 CPU

A leaked benchmark has appeared claiming to be from a 2018 iPhone model, providing some possible insight into what kind of performance gains we’ll see this year. Shared by iGeneration (via MacRumors), the results show a single-core score of 4673 and a multi-core score of 10912, suggesting the new A12 CPU in this year’s models will outperform the 2017 A11 by about 10 percent. The Compute score for the 2018 model iPhone also shows a higher Metal score of 21691, suggesting that there will be GPU improvements this year as well. It’s unclear which iPhone model was used to collect these scores, although most reports suggest that, like last year, all of this year’s models will use the same A12 chip. The benchmark also reveals that whichever device was tested includes 4 GB of RAM, which represents another increase from last year’s models that only sported 3 GB of RAM; analyst reports suggest that Apple may release an LCD 2018 iPhone with only 3 GB of RAM, but that the higher-end OLED models will be bumped to 4 GB of memory.

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