Geocaching app improves favorites, offline support


Groundspeak has released an update to its official Geocaching app for the iPhone adding improvements to favourites, offline support and cache search results. Geocaching is an app designed to support the real-world treasure hunting game by allowing users to directly access the online database of worldwide caches and leverage the iPhone GPS and location services to help search for and locate caches, log finds and submit field notes. The latest update now allows Premium users to add and remove favourite points to caches they have located, provides access to Trackables inventory while offline and adds hidden and last found dates to the cache description for Pocket Queries. A number of bugs have also been addressed in this update include favourites not loading properly and Trackables not being properly updated when dropped at locations. Geocaching 4.5.6 is available from the App Store for $10; a free introductory version is also available to help familiarize new users with Geocaching.

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