George Foreman iGrill offers iPod connectivity

The new George Foreman iGrill is a floor-standing, iPod-ready indoor/outdoor electric grill. Offering a 200-square-inch grilling surface with “George’s Tough Nonstick Coating,” the iGrill sports a 10-watt speaker system that plays music from a connected iPod, MP3 player, or USB device. The iGrill sells for $150.

  1. Just what I needed! I’ve always wanted to connect my $300 iPod to a HEAT SOURCE! All that dripping grease can only enhance the iPod’s design and functionality. And with that whopping 10 watts of speaker power, MAYBE I’ll be able to hear a few notes over the sizzling sounds!

    What’s next? An iPod vacuum cleaner?

  2. That’s probably the single most useless iPod accessory in the world… I can’t possibly think for a reason why would need this…

    seriously…. wtf?!

  3. Cause when I hold backyard BBQs, I always think… “Man, if I could only grill my food and play my music for the whole yard with ONE device, life would be complete.”

    This just might be more ridiculous then thing toilet paper holder w/ an iPod Dock. This is worse because it’s from a widely popular brand.

  4. and with the release of one new product, both the iPod Accessory market AND the i____ product naming craze reach an all new, terrible low.

  5. Well, if this wasn’t an electric model I’d say I know the demographic catered to, but they need MORE POWER. *argh*

  6. What is it with these inventor people!!!??? Do they not know that there are dozens of speaker docks on the market that mean you can use an iPod anywhere already….and that the iGrill,iBed,iSofa,iToilet Roll Holder,iSink,iDishwasher,iGarden Seat,iIroning Board are completely superfluous!?
    I doubt you’ll hear 10 watts of speaker power over the sizzling of your brain food anyway!!

  7. @Rob, oh the inventors get it all right. They get that there are plenty of iMorons who will shell out $150 for this and other similarly silly products. It doesn’t have to make sense or work well or server a purpose – it just needs to sell.


    Now if it had a lava lamp and shoe polisher built in I’d be all over this one!!!

    hey want cheese on that iBurger?

  9. Am I the only one who frickin’ loves this. I already have two Georges, and if I had a garden to entertain people in during summer, I would love this to be my BBQ / entertainment centre. Purely for the geek-cool amusement factor.

  10. This is going too far. I have no need to connect my iPod to my grill. Or my toilet paper roll.

    Just buy one iPod speaker system and use it for everything. Theres no need to connect the iPod to everything imaginable.

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