Get Early Access to The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, Now

On June 2, iLounge will officially release The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, the massive follow-up to our million-plus-downloaded Free iPod Book 3. We are extremely excited to share the Book with you, as our fourth edition is the biggest and best yet—packed with cool new iPod and iPhone gear, user-requested tutorials, next-generation iPhone contest winners, and a couple of life-changing announcements from iLounge’s editors! As always, The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4 is completely free of charge, and designed to be a one-stop guide to all things iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and Apple TV.

Since our download servers are always rocked by early downloaders from across the world, we wanted to give loyal iLounge readers a head start on downloading the Book. Using this iLounge Library link, iLounge readers will be able to get the Book this weekend—hopefully before the servers start to slow down. Click on the link, use the “subscribe” button, and iTunes will be ready to automatically receive the Book as soon as it’s released. We’ll post an small update here on June 1 to let you know the Book is available in the Library, and afterwards, we’ll have the bigger traditional download page available as well.

For those familiar with our past publications, the advance version of the Book will be in two-page-wide, magazine-style format. A one-page-wide, smaller screen-optimized version will be available on June 2. More details will follow soon!

Updated: The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4 is available now for subscribers through the iTunes link above. Enjoy!

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