Get subway maps on your iPod is a website featuring subway maps for major cities scaled specifically for viewing on color screen iPods. The site currently has maps for New York City, Washington DC, Boston, and Hong Kong.

“Thanks to a favorite site of mine,, “I came up with the idea of sticking subway maps onto my iPod photo,” says creator Bill Bright. “By chopping up sections of the New York City MTA subway map into 220×176 pixel sections, I was able to carry a complete New York City subway map in my pocket at all times! Hopefully these will be just as helpful for you as they are to me. Soon I’ll be adding in an infrastructure which will allow this site to be more community-based—where you will be able to upload, download and rate user-submitted maps.”

  1. How are these sites allowed to use the name iPod and the ipEd gets assaulted by lawyers?

    Apple can be really selective in its jerkosity.

  2. It’s too bad that while viewing these maps in the subway, there’s a good chance that your ipod will get jacked.

  3. Borrachonn, Every fifth person in the NYC subway has an ipod. I’ll pass your warning about “getting your ipod jacked” along. How would we New Yorker’s survive without you.

  4. anybody know where I can now get the new york city subway maps? Those punk ass’s from NY MTA made take the map down. What kind of crap is that?

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