GiddyUp is a new iPhone app designed to help friends quickly and easily arrange group events. Designed with a focus on speed and ease of use, GiddyUp allows iPhone users to create group plans in seconds with immediate push notifications to their friends via the GiddyUp service and the ability to get quick responses without having to deal with cluttered e-mail chains, endless group texts or long response times. Users create a new event which can also include a location, date and time, picture and additional notes and then select a list of friends to invite from the iOS contacts app; invitees are notified via push notifications if they have GiddyUp installed on their device or via a free SMS with a link to the mobile website otherwise. Users can RSVP from within the app or on the mobile web site and a built-in group chat feature helps everybody coordinate plans. Events can also be optionally shared on Facebook and Twitter and saved to the calendar. GiddyUp is available from the App Store as a free download.


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