Gmail for iOS adds alternate sender support

Google has made a background update to its Gmail mobile app for iOS devices adding support for sending from alternate addresses. Users of both the native Gmail iOS app and HTML5 web app can now choose to use any of their configured From addresses when sending a new e-mail message or replying to an existing message. As before, Gmail will still select the appropriate sender address automatically when replying to a message, however the new feature now allows users to visually confirm which address will be used when composing a reply. Alternate address support has been added on Google’s end and does not require an update to the native Gmail iOS app; users of the native app should see the option appear over the next few days. The native Gmail app is a universal iOS app and is available from the App Store as a free download.

  1. I don’t see this feature on mine
    I’ve got like 7 other accounts linked to my primary one
    what do i do to enable it? it is not available to everyone yet?

  2. As with most Google back-end changes, it sometimes takes a while for it to roll out across all user accounts.

    If you’re using the native iOS Gmail app, try signing in to Gmail directly from Safari to see if it appears there. If it does, then it should also appear in the native app, and there may simply be some web element caching that hasn’t been refreshed properly. I found on one of my devices that it helped to force-quit the app from the multitasking tray (double-tap home button, tap-and-hold the Gmail icon, and then use the small red symbol to terminate it) and then run it again, after which the from address selection appeared.

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