GoodReader adds iCloud, iOS 5 support

Good.iWare has updated both the iPhone and iPad versions of GoodReader adding support for storing files in iCloud, iOS 5 compatibility fixes and improvements to Data Protection and AirPlay. In the latest versions of GoodReader running on iOS 5 a new iCloud storage folder now appears allowing users to optionally move or copy files into this folder for easy sharing across multiple iOS devices. The new versions also allow iOS Data Protection to be enabled for all files, regardless of whether they are individually password-protected and allows iOS 4.3 devices to use AirPlay for streaming audio files. Additional enhancements include the ability to disable the side menu in the iPad version and deletion confirmation dialog boxes for PDF annotations. GoodReader is available from the App Store in two separate device-specific versions: GoodReader for iPad ($5) and GoodReader for iPhone ($5).

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