GoodReader adds YouTube video downloading

Good.iWare has released an update to GoodReader for iPad adding the ability to save HTML5 video from Safari along with several improvements for PDF handling and remote server connections. GoodReader for iPad 3.15 now allows users to create a special bookmarklet in Safari that can be used to download and save HTML5 video from web sites such as YouTube; videos can then be stored in GoodReader for offline viewing or uploaded to a computer or online file sharing service in the same manner as any other file.

PDF improvements include an eraser tool for freehand PDF drawing annotations, the ability to e-mail a PDF Annotations Summary and support for links with custom URL schemes for launching other iOS apps from within a PDF document.

Users can also now setup one-way download-only Auto Sync to allow local files to be overwritten with remote files even if they have been edited on the local device and a new “Upload” button provides a quick shortcut for uploading files and folders to remove servers.

Dropbox links can also now be created for any file or folder from directly within the app, allowing users to send out the link for sharing files with other users via Dropbox. Several issues have also been addressed with AFP servers and video files losing their playback position on iOS 5.1.