Google has updated its Google+ social media app for iOS devices adding support for opening links directly in its Chrome browser for iOS rather than the default Safari browser. Released in late June, Google Chrome is a replacement browser for iOS devices that provides the ability for users of the desktop version of Chrome to sync open tabs, bookmarks, passwords and omnibus data between their Mac/PC and iOS devices along with a number of other unique browser features. However, iOS does not allow users to choose a replacement default browser, relegating Chrome on the iOS side to a secondary choice for many users; today’s Google+ update allows Chrome to be used as a default browser for opening links from the social network and it seems likely that Google is at least contemplating providing similar integration in its other iOS apps. Links will continue to open in Safari as before for users without Chrome installed. In addition to Chrome support, Google+ 3.1 also makes several performance improvements to Instant Upload and lowers the age restriction for creating and joining Hangouts. Google+ is a universal app requiring iOS 4.3 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download.


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