Google to retire Inbox by Gmail in March 2019

Google has announced that it will be discontinuing Inbox by Gmail effective March 2019 in order to focus all of its new feature development on the main Gmail service and app. Google introduced Inbox by Gmail four years ago as an experiment in a new way of managing and accessing email, organizing emails in a more task-oriented layout and adding built in time- and location-based snooze and reminder features. While Inbox by Gmail definitely provided a unique user interface, it never caught on outside of a certain niche of power users, and many of the feature gradually found their way into the main Gmail app, culminating in a major Gmail refresh this past spring which added features like Smart Reply, Smart Compose, Nudges, high-priority notifications, and snoozing of emails, although Inbox users will still miss unique features like reminders, snoozing of emails by location, and bundling of e-mails, which have not (yet) crossed over into Gmail. Google has also published a Transition Guide to smooth the process for Inbox users, pointing out workarounds to accomplishing some of the same tasks in Gmail, or pointing users to other services such as Google Tasks or Google Keep for handling reminders.

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