Gracenote shows off app that integrates AM/FM radio with CarPlay

Gracenote has showcased a potential solution to remedy Apple’s lack of CarPlay support for local radio that also makes stations from around the US available, CNET reports. Known for creating tagging information for digital music, Gracenote has now created an app that combines local AM/FM broadcast stations alongside radio streaming options, all of which can be accessed from within CarPlay instead of leaving Apple’s user interface to manage the radio from the vehicle’s native interface. The app has an indexed list of radio stations from all over the US, sorted by genre and location for easy browsing, but the company doesn’t seem to have plans to make it available to consumers through the App Store. Instead, the company will be providing the tech to “partners,” which likely means automakers will be the ones that end up providing the solution to make radio available through CarPlay at some point.

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